Dog silencer max Reviews 2022 ( Expert Opinion)

Dog silencer max reviews

Your dog is becoming a source of embarrassing complaints? Or you become up all night because of the neighbor’s dog barking. Here we have the solution for you. Dog silencer is the device that can give you your peace back. The device detects the dog barking and can make them quiet for you. Some dogs after training stop barking but if the dog doesn’t get the point of training and still barks abnormally then this device is very useful to have. Here we will give you a detailed review about dog silencer max.

Dog silencer max reviews 2022

The dog silencer max is a portable device with a rechargeable battery or plug-in option. This device produces high-pitched ultrasonic waves when detects the dog’s bark. The device is fully automatic you dint have to control it. But it also comes with a remote and a manual system so you can set it manually also.

Protocols of installing dog silencer max:

For installing the device the positioning of the device is very important. It is recommended to install it in a place higher than the ground level. You can either hang the device or can place it in an even stable location.

Features and specifications of the dog silencer max:

Following are some important features and specifications of the dog silencer max

  • The device has a 1-year customer guarantee.
  • Sound can be amplified by using the sound-amplifying cone that is sold additionally.
  • To have a more energy-efficient device you can connect it with a solar panel that you have to buy separately.
  • The power supply is the longest among the other similar devices in the market.
  • Easy installation.
  • Lightweight to carry. The device is only 1 pound.
  • Waterproof thus suitable for outdoor use also.
  • The barking detection range is up to 75 feet.
  • Ultrasonic waves can travel up to 300 feet.
  • Have an easy remote control option for manual use.
  • The device is fully automated.

Pros and cons of using dog silencer max:(good life dog silencer ultrasonic bark control 300ft range)


While using the dog silencer max you can have the following benefits.

No discomfort to the humans; The ultrasonic waves that are produce by the device in response to the dog’s bark is not audible to the humans. These ultrasonic waves are only pinching to the dogs. Thus they don’t affect humans and don’t disturb them.

The ultrasonic sound is pinching but not harmful for the dogs also it’s just discomforting to make the dog stop barking.

The dog silencer max lasts longer than the usual shock collar that is also made to stop barking.

Long-distance barking detection; The dog silencer max is included in the highest-ranking devices in the market. It can detect the barking of the dog from up to 75km or some points above. The responsive ultrasonic frequency waves can travel up to 300feets.

Works with multiple dogs also; The device can work with multiple dogs at one time also. If you have more than one dog in your home then is the best device for you. In shock collars, you can train only a single dog but with the dog silencer max, you can entertain more than one dog.

Manual settings; The device is fully automated but it has manual settings too. For the manual settings, it comes with remote control. The remote control provides a 75-foot range.

Sometimes in the beginning the device does not hear the dog’s bark every time due to its improper positioning or things like that. For that reason, you are given a remote control so you make every bark detected properly by the device.

It is to notice that there should be as few obstacles as you can place between the dog and the device so that your dog can hear the ultrasonic pitch.

Other practices except barking; Except barking, you can control the other behaviors of the dogs also with the device.

Like if a stranger dog comes into your yard and starts plucking the beautiful flowers that get bloomed within your premises you can allow the device to create ultrasonic waves with the remote so the dog becomes alert and doesn’t repeat the plucking after this.

With automatic remote control detection, rain and sprinklers are not a problem here. This is the best dog silencer in the market.

Some dogs have the habit of jumping on strangers you can make them quit this awful habit. By activating the device every time a dog jumps on someone.


Some cons of using dog silencer max are.

Limited penetration; The ultrasonic waves produced by the device are not penetrated to solid objects like walls and windows.

For this reason, its installation position is very crucial.

If you have installed the device in the living room and your dog barks the most in the playing yard then you are at fault this time. This installation is not going to affect your dog in any way. Try to install the device in an area where the dog barks the most so you can get the best of results.

Disturbance for other pets; If you have other pets in your home except for the dogs then these sound-making machines become discomforting for the other animals,

The quiet ones like the cats also have to hear the pinching sound that the dog silencer max makes because of the dogs that bark all day and make the home a less peaceful place to live.

How the dog silencer max is better than its competitor? ( Comparison)

The other anti-barking device can only work with a single dog. These devices are usually worn on the collar that is not feasible all the time. If you have more than one dog in your home then buying anti-barking collars for each of the dogs adds up the cost and the end becomes expensive for you.

The above scenarios are somehow also manageable. When if, the dog that barks annoyingly is not of yours but your neighbors. Now you can’t go with the anti-barking collars. Here the dog silencer max gives the best of it. The device can train your neighbor’s dog too, not to bark frequently without interfering with the neighbors. Thus dog silencer max is better than its competitors.

How does the dog silencer max works?

This product the bark of the dog and then in response, the detector produces the ultrasonic waves that can only be heard by the dogs. These ultrasonic waves are not soothing for the dogs but instead discomfort them. From here the training of the dog starts. After hearing this discomforting sound the dog stops to bark and steadily barking becomes no more the habit of the dog.

Let’s now talk about some reviews of the customer that have experienced the working of the device.

Michelle from Canada wrote a review on the goof life’s website in which she says that her dog used to bark terribly outside the home and sometimes she get complain of her dog from the neighbors but after using the dog silencer max the dog stops to bark hat terribly and just barks where it demanded and not uselessly.

Another customer reviewed the device on a website in his comments he has written that his neighbors bought 5 dogs all of them bark so usually and that was so annoying to me so then I decided to bring the dog silencer max home associating some of my hopes with the device. After few weeks I got astonishing results. And now finally we live in peace both me and my neighbors.

Another customer reviewed the product from the United States on Amazon. In his comment, the customer has given the details of his problem that is he has two dogs in his neighbor both mostly remain out for straying, they bark so constantly that sometimes I get frustrated with their barking. Additionally, he has written in the comment that he never saw their master taking them to a nice evening walk or never sees their owner playing with them. In his view, dogs need attention that is why they bark unconditionally. Leaving the reasons behind he installed the dog silencer max in his yard and he gets benefitted 50% from the device. He thought that this happened because one of the dogs might be deaf or so.

Some of the people have to wait a while to stop barking. Some dogs need little time to adapt a habit while others adapt the habit on the go. This behavior is different in every dog and you don’t force the adaptation behavior in your pets otherwise they get exhausted and frustrated.

Give them their time to learn new habits or tricks.


Are dog silencers legal?

The device is legal unless you have a society prohibition in your area. The legal things are beside but what I think of this, it is not ethical in point of view. Giving your pet some stress for getting him to train not to bark is not a good thing to do. Instead of using this, try to adopt some physical training for your dog to let him know that not to bark without reason or constantly.

Does the dog silencer max works?

Dog silencer max is an anti-barking device by the good life. It works best among its market that the best seller among its competitors due to some bold and obvious reasons.

  • It can work for more than one dog.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It is portable.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Dog doesn’t have to wear anything on his body.

Are ultrasonic bark devices cruel?

Ultrasonic bark devices are considered cruel because these devices emit ultrasonic waves that are pinching for the dogs and make them stressed. Giving your dog stress intentionally is the cruelest thing of all. This sometimes frustrates your dog and impact negatively on the physical and mental condition of your dog’s health.

How do I teach my dog to stop barking?

For the physical teachings of how to not bark follow the following steps.

  • When your dog barks inside their carte then give him your back and ignore the barking by giving no response.
  • Every time the dog stops barking, give him his favorite treats.
  • When he barks on the outsiders don’t allow him to see them get the curtains on or move him to another room.
  • Give him space every time he starts barking.

Which is the best anti-barking device in the market?

Following are some of the best anti-barking device in the market

  1. Doggies don’t THE DEVICE.
  2. Dog rock humane anti collar
  3. petSafe basic bark control collar.
  4. petSafe gentle spray bark collar for dogs.
  5. Dog silencer max
  6. Dog silencer pro

Expert Opinion

Let’s end this detailed discussion with a brief conclusion.

The dog silencer max is the leading device in its market it is due to some reasons that are it can work with more than one dog, it can work on dogs other than yours that annoy you, it is portable, it is waterproof, it is easy to install and so many things like that.

If you don’t have the option to train your dog physically not to bark and need some technology to do the thing for you the dog silencer max is the best choice to have. While using this dog may get stressed sometimes due to the annoying ultrasonic waves, if you notice this kind of behaviour you can give your dog a little break from the training and then continue using the device once your dog gets normal.

Sometimes even while using the device your dog may some weeks to learn the habit of not barking. This is dependent on the dog that is how much time she adapts to the situation. Different dogs have different absorbing times and capacities for their training.

Hopefully, this article will help while choosing an anti-barking device for your dog. I do so let us know in the comment section below.


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