Can dogs eat clementines? Are clementines healthy for dogs?

Can dogs eat clementines

Certain foods are good for humans, but you need to take a lot of care while giving it to your dog. Some foods have a harmful effect on your dog like grapes, avocados, but can dogs eat clementines is a question that you come here to get the answer. Here I am going to provide you with a detailed guide about this fruit.

What are the health benefits of clementines?

Clementines are a citrus fruit hybrid between a mandarin orange and sweet orange. It has certain health advantages for your dog:

  • The fruit is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C protects your dog from different pathological conditions by maintaining a robust immune system. It also keeps your dog fresh in the state of heat stress.
  • It is a good source of potassium which is essential for dental health and also helps in reducing hypertension of your dog.
  • Clementines contain folate and choline. These are essential vitamins help to prevent fatty liver disease and enhance brain function of your dog.
  • They also contain antioxidants that delay the ageing process of your dog.

Are clementines harmful to dogs?

  • Yes, they are if not given in a sufficient amount. Treat should not contain over ten percent of the diet of the dog. If clementines are provided in an excess amount, these are the following disadvantages:
  • Clementines contain excessive sugar that may lead your dog to obesity.
  • Excess of clementines can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, and severe gastrointestinal problems. So always give clementines in a sufficient amount. It contains citric acid, and an excess amount can have an adverse effect on the heath of the dog.

Can dogs eat clementines peel and seeds?

No, peels of clementines contain harmful bacteria and are hard to digest, so avoid giving them to your dog. Clementines are seedless, so you should not worry about feeding seed to your dog.

How to give clementine to your dog?

Always consult with your veterinarian before giving clementine. First, wash the clementine and remove its peel. Peel removal is necessary to keep your dog healthy as it contains lots of harmful bacteria, and your dog digestive system cannot digest this peel. Then cut the clementine into one or two segments and give it to your dog. Always feed one or two parts of this food to your dog. Thus, If you feed without cutting the fruit, then there will be a chance of choking.

If your dog does not enjoy eating clementines, there will be some alternatives food available








All these fruits have health benefits for your dog.

Frequently asked questions

Are clementines healthy for my dog?

Yes, they are fit for your dog as they contain lots of vitamins that posses health benefit for your dog. But always give them in a moderate amount to keep your dog healthy.


Thus, you can give clementines to your dog, but always give in a moderate amount to keep your dog healthy. I hope you like the article can dogs eat clementines, feel free to ask questions.

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