Can dogs eat celery? Are celeries healthy for dogs?

Can dogs eat celery

Human foods are right for your dog, but there are several factors you need to take care of while giving it to your dog. Can dogs eat celery is a question that you come here to get the answers, here I am going to provide you a detailed guide about this vegetable

Celery health benefits for your dog

  • Celery is rich in vitamin C, which is necessary for the repair of body tissues of your dog. It is also involved in wound healing and absorption of iron.
  • Celery is rich in vitamin k which play an essential role in bone metabolism
  • They also contain vitamin A which is necessary for the health of the eye and hair development.
  • Celery is rich in antioxidants and contains flavonoids, b-carotene. They protect the body from damage by free radicals.
  • Celery also possesses anti-inflammatory properties and reduces the condition of osteoporosis and arthritis in your dog.
  • Celery has basic properties and neutralizes the acidic food.
  • Celery improves the lining of the stomach, thus help the body in the digestion of the food.
  • These are some advantages of celery. But you need to consider the following things while giving celery to your dog.

Possible risk factors of celery

Feeding too many celeries can result in an upset stomach, and your dog will show signs of diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain. Celery is rich in vitamin C, and if your dog eats too many celeries, it will have a problem of painful urination and result in kidney stones. Avoid giving celery to your dog in an excessive amount because it contains sodium, and excessive sodium can have a negative impact on your kidney and also increases the blood pressure. So always give fresh celery.

How to provide celery to your dog?

Always consult with your veterinarian before giving celery. First, wash the celery and then cut in small pieces and then feed it to your dog; otherwise, it will result in choking. Celery in the form of celery leaves can also be given. Cooked celery is also good for your dog. Cooking makes the celery soft and thus more comfortable for puppies to eat. Treats should not contain more than 90 percent of your dog diet. If your dog does not like eating celery, there are some alternatives food available:









Frequently asked questions

Are celeries healthy for my dogs?

They are rich in vitamin C, K, A, which are essential for your body, so they play a crucial role in keeping your body healthy.

What are the potential side effects of celery?

Feeding too many celeries can result in an upset stomach and eventually result in diarrhea. So always feed them in a moderate amount.

How many celeries can you give your dog?

Treat contain only ten percent of your dog diet, so avoid giving them in a large amount.

Can puppies eat celery?

Yes, puppies can eat celery but break the celery into small pieces before giving them.


Thus, celery is a healthy vegetable for your dog. You can always use celery in a moderate amount. Always consult with your veterinarian If your dog shows any signs of vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal. I hope you like, Can dogs eat celery, Feel free to ask any question.

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