Best Wireless Dog Fences 2022 ( Tried and Tested)

SportDOG in-ground fence system

Ever since mankind started colonizing the earth dogs have always been an important part of our lives. These paradoxical canines are the first pets that humans choose for themselves.

Our pets are those comforting companions that keep us healthy and merrier and we don’t want to lose them. In the past wolves were compassionate and later dogs took their places.

In older confinement methods the pets were kept chained but now things have changed, and we have more durable methods to keep your fair-haired friends closer to your heart.

It is hard to install a wired dog fence. But we have a solution for you in the form of a wireless dog fence. Here we are going to tell you about the best wireless dog fences in 2022. 

Pets escaping your territory is a very common phenomenon and Keeping an eye on your pet is necessary because they can injure themselves or others if they are overactive and not well monitored.

This can be a snag if you have a busy working schedule. We love our pets and we don’t want them to get hurt or injure other animals. You might be looking for a way to keep your heartwarming pets closer to you even if you are busy, well we have your problem solved.

If your dog is incompliant, playful, and not so fond of being tied and chained up, then wireless fencing systems are a must-have for you. They not only prevent their escaping but can also be used to train your pets. In a pet confinement system, you should always consider the intensity of the static shock and the range of the collar size. The size of the receiver is not much important but the factors that affect signal transmission are important.



PetSafe Stay and Play compact wireless System
  • Easy effective and efficient
  • 50 boundary training flags

SportDOG in-ground fence system
  • Area of control can be expanded
  • No of pets can be unlimited
  • Adjustable level of vibrations

PetControl HQ
  • In-ground dog containment fence and dog trainer device
  • Area of coverage can be enhanced with extra wire

Dogtra E-fence 3500
  • Easy set-up and installation
  • Rechargeable and waterproof collar and transmitter

KAROTEZH Electric Fence for Dogs
  • Gives largest confinement area
  • Easy to set up and no wires system involves

FOCUSER dog containment system
  • Useful for a small number of pets
  • Good for wide fields and flat yards

MY PET COMMAND wireless fence system
  • Easy and quick set-up
  • Portable

UTOPB Wireless Dog Fence
  • Good for fields and house yards
  • Faster charging time

OKPET wireless dog fence
  • Main device shut-off feature
  • Can be used in a wet, rainy and humid environment

No matter what device or brand you choose, training your dog to get acclimated to this device and its functioning will always be necessary. We have designed a small guide in order to give you a quick tour of all pros and cons of some of the best fencing systems available in the market.

Major companies providing these systems for not only cats and dogs but also useful for other small pets include:

Details of these products are given below, have a read and decide which product suits your requirements the most.

Reviews of top wireless dog fence of 2022

1. SportDOG in-ground fence system

SportDOG in-ground fence system

This system is very simple and easy to use for a confinement area up to 75 acres. The device package includes 1,000 feet of wire to enhance the confinement area, 100 training flags, 1 Transmitter device that generates the signals, and 1 Collar Receiver that receives the signals from the transmitter.

The Transmitter is enough to cover up to 75 acres of land. The area of confinement can be further enhanced up to 100 acres by adding up more wire to this kit. You can control an unlimited number of pets by adding separate collars connected with the same transmitter device. Device-level of vibration matches temperament of any dog


  • A transmitter alarm that notifies breakage in any wire
  • Prevent from running your dog into the danger zone
  • Lightning protection feature
  • 1,000 feet of wire to enhance coverage area
  • 100 flags, and 1 Collar Receiver to keep your dog in a yard up to 75 acres
  • The containment area expands to 100 acres by using additional wire and flag kits
  • The number of pets can be increased by connecting more receiver collars
  • Safe and effective for dogs below 10lb weight
  • An adjustable collar that perfectly fits your dog
  • Waterproof Collar runs on common 9 V Battery that lasts 6-12 months
  • 4 levels of adjustable correction or tone and vibration for static stimulation
  • 2-year warranty
  • Area of control can be expanded
  • No of pets can be unlimited
  • Adjustable level of vibrations
  • Installation takes a longer time


2. PetSafe Stay and Play Compact Wireless System

PetSafe Free to Roam

it is a wireless dog fencing system with around 3-4 acres coverage area in a circular shape. This device is completely wireless and portable It can be used for multiple pets at the same time just by connecting multiple receiver collars to the device transmitter.

It has a low battery indicator and the receiver collar operates with a waterproof RFA-67 battery. The battery is non-rechargeable and lasts for 1-2 months after which it needs to be changed with a new one.

This device should be placed 3ft away from other metal objects because metals can cause problems in signals generation and transmission.

The receiver device also needs to be placed away from metals hence no metallic collar should be used along with the device receiver collar.

It needs to be installed in a temperature-controlled environment where the temperature does not fall below the freezing point.

One of the major problems with this device is that you should keep checking the neck of your pets because these collars may cause irritation or itching on pets with sensitive skin or if the pet has any other skin conditions. It is a top-rated wireless dog fence.

The system requires no technical expertise to install, and the whole installation only takes a few hours. There is no limit to how many dogs can be fenced in with a wireless dog fence. If you have multiple dogs, you do not have to worry.


  • Circular confinement area 3-4 acres
  • Transmitter with rechargeable batteries
  • Waterproof receiver collars with an adjustable size range of 6-28 inches
  • Easy to set up for dogs
  • RFA-67 non-rechargeable Battery of 6 volt
  • Quick start manual
  • Built-in power loss alarm feature
  • Contact points on collars are customizable according to the neck size of your pets
  • 5 adjustable levels of correction
  • Automatic safety shut-off to prevent unnecessary punishment
  • Additional wireless transmitters to expand area as per requirement
  • 50 boundary training flags
  • Mounting bracket and hardware
  • Additional base units
  • RV and campers
  • Easy effective and efficient
  • 50 boundary training flags
  • Mounting bracket and hardware
  • Additional base units
  • RV and campers
  • Requires Temperature controlled environment


3. PetControl HQ

PetControl HQ

It is a wireless electric fence and dog training system which is safe to use and easy to install. It has a waterproof rechargeable receiver shock collar having different color straps.

These strap colors are also indicated on the remote control to make it easy for you to identify each dog separately. In this way, you can train up to three dogs separately with one device

There are 10 levels of shock and vibration intensity and correction that can be controlled by remote. This boundary wire can be placed above or below the ground however it should be placed at least three ft away from any metal objects.

This device will first provide a sound alarm and static vibrations later shock correction will be given. Hence, this is a perfect device to train and contain your dog. However, Collar can cause rashes and irritation if used more than 12 hours


  • An underground system with 490ft long wire that can enhance the boundary
  • IPX7 waterproof collar receiver with adjustable sizes from 8-27 inches
  • 3 levels of static shock stimulus that are adjustable
  • 10 levels of shock stimulus controlled by the remote system
  • Useful for small and medium-sized dog breeds that weigh from 11 to 154lb
  • Rechargeable in-built batteries in collar and transmitter that lasts up to 2 days
  • The system can be used to control 3 dogs at one time
  • Shock stimulus shut off 8 seconds later to prevent excessive punishment
  • In-ground dog containment fence and dog trainer device
  • Area of coverage can be enhanced with extra wire
  • Useful for small-sized dog breeds
  • The adjustable static correction control
  • 10 levels of stimulus control on remote
  • 12-month warranty
  • The product is not very affordable
  • The collar can cause rashes
  • Unnecessary shocks


4. Dogtra E-fence 3500

Dogtra E-fence 3500

This device sets a desirable boundary around your property that allows your dog to be safe in your yard. The fence wire is installed to make a continuous loop around your property for your system to operate.

Signal transmission takes place in the form of a loop. The signal is emitted from the transmitter, detected by the fence boundary, and returns to the transmitter.

A red-light indicator shows when this operation is complete. The wire should be buried approximately 4-6 inches into the ground, but it does not need to be buried in order to function.

One good feature of this device is that you can set the collar on vibrate-only mode if your pet is fearful and timid, the collar will train only with help of vibration without giving a shock.

Traditional fencing and other nearby devices will affect the radio signals of the transmitter. There is only one collar size available.


  • For smaller dog breeds of about 15 lbs.(7kg)
  • 40 acres area coverage
  • Extra receivers can be connected
  • Fully waterproof receiver collars
  • Low to medium power stimulation levels
  • 2-Hour rapid charge lithium polymer collar batteries that last up to 3 months
  • 4 step system to contain your pet
  • Collar has waterproof (IPX7)and rechargeable in-built battery
  • 8 levels of stimulation that are manually adjustable
  • Vibration stimulus was given before shock stimulus correction
  • 2-Year Product Warranty
  • Advanced filtering system to prevent interference from other nearby devices
  • 8 seconds stimulus duration to prevent excessive punishment
  • Easy set-up and installation
  • Rechargeable and waterproof collar and transmitter
  • Lights and alarms indicate the wire breakdown
  • Allow different correction levels for each dog
  • Vibrate-only mode
  • Collar device is heavier than other rechargeable products
  • No collar fit feature


5. KAROTEZH Electric Fence for Dogs

KAROTEZH Electric Fence for Dogs

It is one of the best fencing systems designed for dogs of all sizes. It provides safety to your dog with its advanced features. This fence does not need any wire to bury.

if the confinement area is not having any signal interference then this product will work fine. The transmitter and receiver do not need to use codes and can work within the signal range.

Device signals are also affected by other magnetic fields and signals present in the surrounding. The system starts warning tone and shock stimulus if the dog goes outside the range.

It has a safety feature to prevent excessive punishment, which shuts the system off after a specific time. One major drawback of this device is that the fence boundary cannot be changed, and it may extend to your neighborhood as well.


  • This wireless system can be used outdoor up to a coverage area 11 acres
  • 5 types of signals are produced by transmitters
  • One transmitter can relate to multiple collar receivers
  • Receiver collars are waterproof and have rechargeable built-in batteries
  • It has a reflective band and fluorescent lights that make it safe to use at night
  • Transmitter also has a rechargeable battery
  • Correction levels can be customizable up to 2 collars.
  • The system contains six correction levels in which one is vibrating the only mode for static correction
  • A boundary breach alert starts beeping if the dog tries to reach too close to the boundary line
  • A 30 seconds boundary breach signals turned off only when the dog returns to the boundary
  • Collars have nylon webbed straps which are light in weight and have an adjustable size range from 14-26 inches
  • A rechargeable battery with a battery back-up that lasts for 12 hours
  • Up to 2 dogs can be controlled at one time using this system
  • Gives largest confinement area
  • Easy to set up and no wires system involves
  • Six phase training guides to train your dog
  • Inbuilt safety feature
  • Ten-year warranty with the device
  • No collar size change feature
  • The boundary is not adjustable


6. FOCUSER dog containment system

FOCUSER dog containment system

This dog fence can safely confine your dog in a yard of around 500 meters boundary. You just need to plug in the transmitters and connect them with the collar receiver.

There is no need to bury external wires or create any boundary. Collar and receiver have in-built rechargeable batteries that last longer, and this system is completely waterproof which means your pet can play freely in water and roam in a muddy yard.

This is a good device for open spaces where wiring and routers are not present The transmitter emits 433HZ radio signals around the house that is connected to the receiver collar on the neck of your pet.

A pre-correction warning tone gives signals to your pet if it is getting too closer to the boundary. The warning tone lasts about 2 seconds and the dog will receive a continuous static shock if it does not return to the boundary area.

If your pet tries to run through signal boundary it will receive a strong correction shock forcing it to return to the safe place. The transmitter should be placed away from the wireless boundary or any other metal otherwise it will not work properly


  • Can be used for small to larger sized dogs with wight 10-110lbs
  • Collar Neck size ranges from 8-21 inches
  • Water-resistant IP67 receiver collar
  • Boundary radius up to 500 meters
  • Pre-correction warning tone and vibration
  • Strong run-through correction feature
  • useful for a small number of pets
  • good for wide fields and flat yards
  • For smaller and timid breeds
  • Transmitters are prone to signal interferences

7. MY PET COMMAND wireless fence system

MY PET COMMAND wireless fence system

It is a long-range GPS receiver wireless dog fence system that involves the use of the latest technology. It does not involve the use of any underground wire system to set boundaries.

It only works with a GPS transmitter that attaches to the collar and you can control the movement of your pets with remote control.

Very easy to install and portable device, you can take it anywhere but this device needs to reset boundaries after every recharge.


  • Standard GPS radio signaling
  • Radius range from 20m to 800m
  • Tone warning and vibration
  • 5 levels of shock stimulus that are adjustable with remote
  • Designed for coverage area up to 496 acres
  • Variable collar sizes available 6.5 -25.5 inches
  • USB power adapter and single extended USB charging cable for both receiver and transmitter
  • Test bulb, dog whistle, and spanner
  • Remote has built-in rechargeable lithium batteries that last longer
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty
  • A single remote can control up to three collar receivers
  • Easy and quick set-up
  • Portable
  • Most suitable for open fields and farms
  • Do not require transmitters or wires to set boundaries
  • No signal interference issues with transmitters
  • Suitable for all size of dog breeds
  • Not suitable for small yards and indoors
  • Prior on leash training required


8. UTOPB Wireless Dog Fence

UTOPB Wireless Dog Fence

UTOPB wireless dog fence system designed on the latest technology of Sound and Electric Shock Mode. This device provides an effective solution for confinement and offers your pet greater freedom to play safely.

The system will start with producing warning sounds every 2 seconds if your pet tries to leave your defined boundary. The receiver stops working after the third cycle to prevent excessive punishment.

But this device is Not recommended for indoor use due to signal interference from common household devices and Beep sounds continue even if dogs continue to move towards a safe zone and you must switch it off.


  • IP65 waterproof collar with TPU strap with a range of 8-28 inches
  • Ten levels of correction
  • signals of range 25-500 meters radius
  • suitable for all size dogs of weight 10-110lbs
  • Static shock intensity that increases gradually every 2 seconds
  • Receiver collar operates at 3.7 volts shock intensity
  • Power adapter consumes AC 110-240V
  • Lithium-ion batteries of 300mAH in receiver and transmitters
  • The receiver takes 2 to 3 hours to get fully charged and the transmitter takes 3 to 4 hours
  • Good for fields and house yards
  • Faster charging time
  • Low power consumption
  • Auto-shutoff
  • Easy setup by wireless pairing
  • transmitting signal adjustment with remote control
  • Control multiple dogs with one device transmitter
  • Not recommended for indoor use
  • Beep sounds need manual shut off

9. OKPET wireless dog fence

 OKPET wireless dog fence

It is a good and well-priced dog fence that works for all breeds of dogs whether small or big. This device is useful for those customers who need a customizable boundary shape instead of traditional circular boundaries.

It has a long-lasting rechargeable battery, that has low battery alert integrated and power adapters to recharge. If you shut down the main device, the receiver will stop working, you don’t need to shut it off separately.

Multiple receivers can be connected to one main unit and multiple animals can be controlled at one time


  • The wireless dog fence works with 433MHz channel frequency
  • Improved signal transmission by dual antennae system.
  • Enhanced transmission works for a long-distance range
  • Quick and more accurate response
  • IPX7 waterproof rechargeable receiver collar
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Adjustable collar size from 8-12 inches
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes that weigh between 10-110lb
  • 7 volts low-voltage static shock and sound feature
  • 10-1000 ft adjustable distance range
  • Main device shut-off feature
  • Can be used in a wet, rainy and humid environment
  • Suitable for multiple pets
  • Not suitable for indoor use
  • Affected by environmental factors


10. JUSTPET wireless fence system

JUSTPET wireless fence system

It is an Intelligent wireless dog fence system that is a new and unique product in the market. It features a beautiful appearance and is easy to use. Installation and set-up are also easy. If your pet tries to cross the fence boundary the device will send static shock signals and vibration signals.

If the main device is shut down, there will be no vibration or shock stimulus however, it is not suitable for indoor use because other devices can interfere with the signal transmission also needs to be placed 2-3ft above-ground levels. Signal transmission is affected by other devices and walls etc.


  • Coverage radius distance of 10-900 feet
  • 90 feet adjustment levels, one for each ten feet
  • Vibration stimulus and a 3.7V low-voltage static electric shock function
  • Dual antennae transmission for quicker response
  • Radio waves signal with stronger penetration range
  • Waterproof built-in rechargeable battery
  • Adjustable collar size ranges between 8-12 inches
  • The main device shut down feature
  • Safe and durable
  • More stable signals
  • longer distance range
  • Not suitable for indoor use
  • Should be placed 2-3ft above ground levels
  • Signals affected by environmental conditions




It is useful for pet containment systems that uses 2GH frequency for signal transmission and it can control up to 3 dogs at one time with one device. more stable and accurate signal transmission


  • Reflective strips that improve vision and safety at night
  • Control up to 3 dogs at the same time
  • Low shock intensity that is not harmful to your pet
  • 20 flags that help to train your pet
  • IP67 waterproof rechargeable collar receiver
  • Works for radius up to 300 meters
  • 5 adjustable boundary levels 30, 60, 90, 150, and 300 meters
  • Rechargeable collars with built-in battery
  • Suitable for neck ranges of 7-26.5 inches
  • The receiver operates at 3.7volts shock intensity
  • Useful for almost all sizes of dogs
  • Safe and easy to set up
  • Pre-correction warning system
  • run-through prevention
  • Low level of shocks correction
  • Durable, portable and waterproof system
  • Large receiver system
  • Simple and fast functioning
  • Sometimes gives unnecessary shocks
  • The shock lasts for several seconds


12. VASTFAFA Wireless Dog Fence

VASTFAFA Wireless Dog Fence

The latest voice alarm feature in this device replaces the shock features in others, making it a more humane device to use for animals. It prevents confusing your dog by some random shocks, leading to depression and anxiety.

This feature solves the problems of many users who are afraid to use pet fencing systems just because of this shocking feature.

When the dog tries to cross the fence boundary, it can listen to the owner’s command from the collar and return to the safe area.

Of course, this also needs the owner and the dog to have complete training and synchronization to achieve the device’s functions effectively.

The design makes the interaction between humans and dogs reach the most desirable and loving level of care and safety. You don’t have to remove the collar every time you charge the device

A MUST HAVE if you have more fearful and timid pets. It prevents anxiety and depression due to punishment


  • The voice function feature gives voice commands from owners if the pet starts to cross the boundary
  • UHF 433 wireless signals communication
  • Have three modes: voice mode, vibration mode, voice with vibration mode
  • Rechargeable receiver collar with highly efficient batteries
  • The receiver is removable from the collar and no need to remove collar every time
  • Coverage Range is up to 850ft circular area and 2400ft perimeter area
  • IPX7 waterproof system that works even if it moves deep in water to several feet
  • Avoid confusion by random shocks
  • Prevent anxiety or depression
  • Develops understanding between pet and its owner
  • Prevent electric injuries to your pets
  • No damage to the skin by the collar
  • No collar removal required
  • Getting your dog trained for this device takes time and patience

13. Havahart powered electric fence

Havahart powered electric fence

This wireless fencing system is much more economical as compared to previously listed devices however, it is not preferable for small breeds or dogs under 15lb.

It not only keep your own pet confined in the restricted area but also keep the unwanted animals outside. It creates a physical boundary with wires and these fence wires give a static correction shock that prevents your pet from getting too close to the boundary.

This electric fence also keeps other stray animals away from your boundary and protects both your yard and your pet.

This device also has an early trigger zone feature that starts vibration about 6-12 feet before the boundary line. It is a radial fence option and the fence shape cannot be adjusted.

This device is not recommended for dogs below15lb or under 6 months of age. One major problem with installation is that the device needs to use wires to provide physical barriers as well. It is the best wireless dog fence for large dogs.


  • 10-23inch PVC fence poles connected with energizers
  • 1-22inch ground rod to fix fence poles
  • 100 feet of aluminum wire
  • 50 cotter pins for fastening a wire to the poles
  • Under ideal conditions, it can work up to a 1-mile range
  • 1-year warranty with the product
  • Useful for dogs of weight 15lb and above
  • Coverage area is up to 11.5 acres
  • Early trigger zone feature
  • It is a radial fence option
  • Not recommended for smaller dogs
  • Wires system to make a physical barrier

14. WIEZ Wireless Dog Fence 

WIEZ Wireless Dog Fence

Dog Electric Wireless Fence, also called WIEZ Dog Electric Wireless Fence, is another of the best wireless dog fences that teaches the dog to follow safety measures by keeping themselves inside a given area

The signal transmission is consistently more stable and accurate with it. Dogs can play in an area of 98 feet, and the machine makes a noise if they leave the area. An electrostatic shock of 3.7V low voltage is given to the dog later to remind it to go home.

The system provides six static adjustment levels using sound, vibration, and static warning. Your dog will not be hurt by the shock as it lowers pressure. Once the first collar is broken, the system comes with two more collars.

After 5 years of usage, the collar will evolve into powder, which is eco-friendly and will remain for a long time. Furthermore, the dog’s paws will stay dry if it rains.

Reflective protective layers are embedded in the dog’s outer layer so he can easily be tracked at night. Three collars are monitored by one transmitter at a time.

Additionally, the transmitter requires four to five hours and the receiver two to three hours to fully recharge. The battery does not need to be recharged again for up to two weeks after it is fully charged.

As soon as the power is exhausted to recharge them again, a low charging blink will appear on the system. When the device is not in use, it goes into standby mode automatically.

When the dog moves or someone touches it, it switches on automatically. Depending on the size of the dog’s neck, the collar extends from 6 to 28 inches. For the safety of your dog, this is one of the best wireless dog fences.

The new version of this product has now improved battery design, making the product more durable and the battery more stable. This device includes many innovative features like Improved signal stability due to dual antennae. It does not cause any harm or shock injuries to the dog’s neck. The receiver and transmitter are rechargeable, Eco-friendly, waterproof, and safe to use for your pet.

The collar has a black silicon cover to prevent injury or rashes. After 5 mins beeping it enters standby mode in order to prevent excessive punishment to your pet. However, this device should not be used for more than 10 hours in one day. No barrier object should be present between the transmitter and receiver collar because they can cause signal interferences. One major drawback is that it can give unnecessary shock and vibrations if any interference occurs with signals until it receives normal signals again.


  • It uses 2.4 GH frequency and dual antennae for its working
  • Radius ranges between 100-900 ft
  • The device first produce a warning Sound, then vibrates, and later gives a 3.7V shock
  • Both receiver and transmitter have built-in rechargeable batteries
  • IP65 dust-proof and IPX7 waterproof receiver collars
  • Adjustable Collar size ranges 8-28 inches
  • One transmitter can control up to 3 collars at one time
  • Built-in standby mode that can be maintained up to six months
  • Improved signal stability
  • Do not cause shock injuries
  • Receiver and transmitter are rechargeables
  • Eco-friendly, waterproof and safe to use the device
  • Auto initiating standby mode
  • Cannot be used for a longer duration
  • Signal interference problems
  • Unnecessary shocks and vibrations

15. Extreme Dog fence-second generation-2020

Extreme Dog fence-second generation-2020

Works on the latest technology designed with 1-5 dog systems separately depending upon the number of pets you have. It’s a waterproof system that can be worn during swimming or in a wet environment.

Each collar shock strength can be programmed individually depending upon the nature of each pet. however, It is costly as compared to other devices with similar features.

One major problem is that there is only one correction level available and shock intensity cannot be changed.


  • Covers up to 6 acres range
  • Works with 3 antennae and 12X more powerful batteries
  • Completely waterproof system
  • 20 Gauge high tensile boundary wire
  • Heavy protective jacket
  • 1-5-year product warranty
  • 4 waterproof splice kits
  • Completely waterproof
  • Adjustable shock collar strength
  • It is a costly device
  • Shock intensity cannot be adjusted

16. PetSafe Pawz away pet barrier

PetSafe Pawz away pet barrier


This last system on our list is also a remarkable device that is not only a pet confinement system but also prevents your pets to cross any restricted areas such as pools, lawns, furniture, and other areas in your house where you want to prevent them from entering.

The boundary confinement area is not very impressive, but it can be enhanced and customized by connecting another device that is sold separately by the company.

This device gives an Unlimited area of protection by using more devices and it is not only useful for confinement but also improves the habits of your pets. But, this system does not provide very long-ranged pet confinement and more useful for only household pets and regular habit corrections.


  • Have 2 barrier options: one is a circular confinement area of 16ft coverage
  • Another option is customizable shaped restricted area up to 120ft distance
  • Safe static correction feature
  • Unlimited number of pets can be controlled with this device
  • Designed for dogs of any size and breed with weight more than 3lb
  • Adjustable collar with size ranging from 6—28 inches
  • Collar and transmitter work with 3V lithium batteries that lasts longer
  • The transmitter is designed in the shape of a rock that perfectly suits the environment of your yard or confinement area
  • Unlimited area of protection
  • Improves habits of your pets
  • Not helpful for long range

Buying Guide for Wireless Dog fence for users

We want you to choose the best fencing system for your pets so here we have listed some considerations you should go through before you buy any product for your cherished pet friend.


While buying the best wireless fencing system you should consider the fencing type. Do check if the fencing is cordless or corded. The Cordless system is better than the corded. Most of the newly introduced product either involves wireless fencing of the wires need to be buried underground that can be hectic for you.


The devices mostly work with transmitters that cause signals interference if other signals generating devices are present in their periphery.

Therefore, prefer devices that either work without these signals interference or have stronger signals as compared to the devices present in their periphery.


Usually, these devices are safe for your pets and shock levels are not too high to cause any harm to these animals. However, you should keep checking for any problem in device working that can lead to increased shock intensity and causing harm to your pets


Devices come with varying specifications for different dog breeds depending upon their sizes and dispositions.


Portable devices are more helpful as you can take them anywhere you move with your pets. However, fixed systems are suitable for larger areas and vast fields.


This feature is variable depending upon your confinement area.


All the electric fences listed below fall in the range of 200-500 dollars. You can choose a device even more suitable for your working area or budget accordingly


You must train your dog to learn how to work with this fencing system and it will take some time for your pet to get acclimated to the device you choose.

This process will also require your assistance therefore, it is recommended that you choose a device with features that are easy to understand for your pet as well in order to avoid anxiety and confusion caused by excessive punishment.


The wireless fence system is not only used to confine your pets but it also can be used for other purposes such as training your pets and keeping them away from certain areas or object present within your house and yards. Here we have some advantages of wireless fence systems.

Correcting habits: these devices can be used to train your pets and break their stubborn habits. It stops them from escaping, hunting, damaging objects, and causing harm to other animals or pets.

Customizable collars: Most of these devices have customizable collar straps that provide a comfortable collar to your pet and avoid any scars or itching.

Portability: Usually these fence systems are portable, you can take them anywhere along with your pet, and are easy to set up within 1-2 hours.

Reentry: these systems allow your pets to reenter the boundary as well if they cross it, in this way it helps minimizing the chances of your pet friends being lost while roaming.


A wireless dog fencing system is useful to confine dogs in desired areas without using wires and boundaries. It involves installing a central transmitter in your house or any place you desire.

This transmitter will send wireless signals to the confinement area which prevents your pets from leaving the confined area. A Shock collar is tied to the pet which receives signals if the pet tries to leave the area.

All of them have different ranges and are available according to the requirement of the buyer but most of them are useful for large ranges minimum 30ft area.

These electric shocks are of very low intensity and they do not hurt the animals. It just gives them a shock to stop them immediately. It only irritates the dogs but does not harm them.


A wireless system works with a transmitter that generates signals which are received by the collar receiver. These signals are produced in circular shapes within a specific range.

The shape and range of this fence cannot be modified. On the other hand, a hybrid system contains wires that are buried underground in the desired shape making a custom-shaped invisible fence.


Can these devices be installed in a humid environment?

Most of them are waterproof, but the signal transmission is usually affected by these environmental factors therefore you should place these devices indoors or as instructed on the device manual.

Can I attach a leash to this device receiver collar?

No, A leash should not be attached to the device collar as it will provide extra pressure on your animal’s neck. Also, the device collar should be kept at least 3 feet away from any other metallic device, therefore, the leash should be attached with a separate collar

Can I connect the device with my dog’s old collar?

Yes, the device can be connected to any collar if it does not have any metal parts in it because metals can affect signal transmission. However, a normal leather collar can be used

How long can I keep this collar on my pet?

Try not to use this collar more than 12 hours a day as sometimes these collars can cause itching and other skin conditions on the neck

Can we place transmission wires with metal fences?

The wires do not need to be buried in order to work, therefore they can be placed along the fences however metals can cause trouble with the signal transmission. So avoid placing wires on metal fences.

Do the in-ground wire system needs to be connected in order to work?

Yes, an in-ground wire system should make a complete loop  in order to complete the signal transmission and define the boundaries of operation

What is the average time required to train your pet for this system?

The average time required to train your pet depends on your bond with your pet, nature, and cognitive abilities of your pet and their understanding of your signals. However, 2-3 weeks with 3 hours per day should be enough for your dog to understand and acclimate to this system

Is it safe to use a shock collar for your pet?

Yes, if your choice is smart then it should not cause any harm also these systems are developed keeping in mind all the aspects of pet care and animal welfare. So these shock collars are perfectly human-only undesirable enough for your pet that it prevents them from crossing the boundary

Will it harm the pet owner or anyone else?

No, this collar will not give you a shock unless you are holding the probes in your hands. Also, the intensity of the shock is so low that it will not be harmful to anyone including your pet

What is the difference between a waterproof and water-resistant dog collar?

A water-resistant system can be used in a wet environment while playing in the grass or any humid place, but it should not be dipped in water. The water-proof system can be worn during swimming, can be submerged in water and it causes no problem if your pet wears it in water

Can this system be used for cats and other pets?

This system can be used for any pet considering its weight and size

Do these devices power off during charging?

No, usually these devices do not turn off during charging if the battery is not completely drained. The battery time of most of these products is more than 12 hours and the recommended usage time for these devices is also not more than 12 hours

Do I need to use marking flags every time I use this device?

No, flags are just boundary markers designed to train your dog. If you feel that your dog is well trained and ready to use this system, then there is no need to use training flags and other training features anymore

Can I use these boundary wires on my previous steel fence or on a cement wall?

A steel fence can cause problems in signal transmission. You can use wooden or cement fences, but any metal objects should be avoided. This device needs to be placed at least 3 feet away from any metal object and 2-3 feet above the ground

Expert Opinion

While buying a pet fencing system You should consider devices that are more humane for your pets and easy to install for you. The next important feature you should consider is the size and weight of your pet.

Larger and more aggressive pets are not easy to confine with these confinement systems and they need proper on-leash training before you try these products on them.

However, the products we enlisted are made in accordance with these considerations and will provide satisfactory results.

The best pet confinement system always ensures the safety of your pet and your ease. We strive to help you choose the best device for your pet because we know we are happy if our pets are happy and playful.

To sum up, we recommend PetSafe as our top pick. SportDOG and Dogtra are brands that provide economical and reliable confinement systems for your pets.

These systems are perfectly safe for your pets and take less time to get trained for. If you are afraid of the shock collar feature and consider it inhuman which in any case it is not, but we still have another option for you.

You can use VASTFAFA Wireless Dog Fence which has only vibrational and sound alarm features. This product does not give any shock features. If you are tired of burying fence wire, then you should go for

UTOPB electric fence and my pet command fence system that works with GPS signaling, and no outdoor wire system is required to be buried underground creating an invisible fence. Here you can also read about dog nail grinders.

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