10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Pakistan

Dog breeds in Pakistan

In Pakistan, people have a great love for pets, especially dogs. In some parts of Pakistan, they are the watchers of the house. Dogs play the role of the best companion of man in tough times. They represent the role …

Can dogs eat clementines? Are clementines healthy for dogs?

Can dogs eat clementines

Certain foods are good for humans, but you need to take a lot of care while giving it to your dog. Some foods have a harmful effect on your dog like grapes, avocados, but can dogs eat clementines is a …

Can dogs eat cantaloupe? Are cantaloupes healthy for dogs?

Can dogs eat cantaloupe

It is always good to feed your dog some human food. There are certain health benefits you need to consider while feeding your dog human food. Cantaloupe is food available throughout the whole year. Here I am going to provide …

Atlas of small animal ultrasonography

Atlas of small animal ultrasonography

Ultrasonography plays a vital role in the diagnosis of complex diseases. Atlas of small animal ultrasonography book is a comprehensive guide of 200 sonograms of small animals.

Why should you read Atlas of small animal ultrasonography?

  • It has 2000 high-quality

Gagging and dry heaving in dogs: A complete guide

Gagging and dry heaving in dogs

Some health conditions require the full attention of your veterinarian. If your dog does not get the necessary treatment, it may lead to some fatal diseases. One of these conditions is dog gagging and dry heaving. Here I am going …

Can dogs eat cucumbers? Are cucumbers healthy for dogs?

Can dogs eat cucumbers

Certain human foods are right for your dog, but you need to know specific facts before giving them to your dog. Here I am going to talk about can dogs eat cucumbers and how to feed them to your dog.…

Can dogs eat honey? Is honey healthy for dogs?

Can dogs eat honey

Some foods are right for your dog, but you need to take care of some potential harms to avoid some severe health conditions. Can dogs eat honey, and how to feed honey to your dog is a topic; you have …

Textbook of veterinary anatomy: Best guide about anatomy

Textbook of veterinary anatomy

The textbook of veterinary anatomy is a comprehensive clinical guide about the anatomy of a different species of animals. It covers all species of animals, including dog, cat, pig, horse, ruminants.

The book focusses on every system of animals, including …

Dogs with down syndrome: Signs and symptoms

Dogs with down syndrome

There are many similarities between humans and the dog. Dogs have some diseases that are very common in humans like congestive heart failure and diabetes. Here I am going to provide you a detailed guide about dogs with down syndrome …

Plumb’s veterinary drug handbook: Best drug handbook

Plumb's veterinary drug handbook

Plumb’s veterinary drug handbook provides you complete information about drugs for animals. It is still the most reliable source of information regarding drugs and their usage in animals. This book offer doses for a wide range of species, including cat, …