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Never settle for less when it comes to buying the best dog products for your canine friend. We have a thorough choice available for your dogs food, health, toys, training, behaviour and well-being.

Dog Nutrition

Your dog's health & well being is the most important factor to living a long healthy life.

Dog Training

Every dog needs some training from a young age to ensure a nourished , playful life.

Dog Supplies

Dog Clippers, Dog shampoos and much more. Check out our guide to selecting your dog's best essentials.

Get The Best Dog Products, Most Suitable for Your Dog

Expert’s suggestions and opinions for the most suitable choices for your dog.

Our expert dog owners have road tested all of the products we have reviewed within our site. We leave no stone un turned to find the best quality products available on the market. Doghawk looks at Dog Food, Dog Health, Dog clippers, Dog Fences, Dog Shampoos, Dog brushes, Dog Toys, Dog Bedding and so much more.  

DogHawk is owned by Dr Louise Cosgrove and her dog loving husband Jason Gray and their two kids Hannah and Zachary. 

Our family own two dogs Zuki the Red border Collie and Hugo the Golden Labradoodle. 


Our Top Category Picks

Just like you choose a cozy mattress for yourself, your pup needs that comfort too. Selecting the best dog beds in 2022 demands the contemplation of many important aspects. Just like you…
Invisible dog fences are truly famous in 2022, and you probably want to buy one so, we made a definitive guide on buying the best invisible dog fence.
You can’t clean dog hairs from the floor with traditional mops. What you need is the best mop for dog hair. Check out our top picks.

How We Get You The Best Recommendations

Get smarter choosing the best product.

We gather industry experts’ and vets’ opinions and recommendations for each and every product that are reviewed on the site.

We thoroughly review every product, we look at the pro’s and con’s before we make a recommendation on what are the best products for your dog.  


Our Buyer’s Guide to Best Dog Products

Every dog breed is unique in their own special ways; no two dogs are ever the same. So, searching for an ideal product best for your dog can be very challenging and time consuming. Not to mention the millions of options we’re overwhelmed with on a daily basis.

We understand your exact needs and have come up with the best solution for every one of your dogs individual challenges.

Factor’s We Consider Before Choosing a Dog Product

To pass our stringent quality control tests a product has to go through rigorous analysis of the following key factors. 

Key factors that we consider are:

  • Product’s Performance
  • Vet’s Recommendation
  • Compatibility 
  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Price

After carefully considering the above factors, we will recommend the best products for each of your dog’s requirements. 

Our Best Dog Product Categories

Dog Nutrition

The single most important category on this site. We as pet parents must ensure we feed our dogs the best food available on the market.
We have completed many dog food reviews to help you to select the best dog food, dog vitamins and dog supplements for your dog breed.

Dog Training

Is your best friend constantly breaking through your current fencing system? We have reviewed a great deal of the best dog fence containment systems that are available on the market today.
Have you recently bought a new puppy?
Feel free to read through our content on the best training available today for your new puppy. Puppy training is essential for you and your puppy from 6 week's of age.

Dog Supplies

Our Dog Supplies category covers an extremely broad range of products that are available on the market today.
Some of the products we have looked at in depth are dog, clippers, dog toys, dog leads, dog collars, dog bedding, dog shampoos and much much more.

Dog Insurance

Dog Insurance provides you the peace of mind that is needed when your dog gets sick or heaven help me gets hit by car or maybe even in a dog fight.
Dog Insurance will provide you the peace of mind to know that the vast majority of the Vet's bill will be covered and get your dog back on the road to recovery. We all know how expensive those Vet bills can be- don't we?

Our Top Accessory Picks For 2022

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